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Dr. Anne Lundy’s interview with Catherine Flutsch.

The Voice: Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston aka The Voice is arguably the most talented voice in modern time. It is commonly regarded that had she wanted to, Whitney could have dominated any genre of music in which she chose to sing. But what makes Whitney’s talent so great? Well one of our favorite Youtubers (ILoveAretha) has just laid it out in an amazing piece of vocal technical analysis. Check it out:

Musicians of Tik Tok: Keon Gooding

We are going to have to start a whole category dedicated to Tik Tok for the blog. For those who may not know, Tik Tok is an app where people can post videos, mostly dance videos to music, mostly rap and R&B. One Zoomer (a member of Gen Z) described it as “the digital clubhouse of her generation”. The app is hugely popular with more than Gen Z’ers as people of all ages are getting in on the dance trends, having fun, and making entertaining videos. For me, the appeal is the discovery of new music and so one day while scrolling through my FYP (For You Page), which acts like a talent discovery page, I came across Keon Gooding’s video for the dance challenge to Chris Brown’s Go Crazy song. But, instead of dancing Keon busted out his horn.

So check out this young musicians socials for more music: Tik Tok, IG,Twitter, But even if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll be hearing Keon’s sound some time in the near future.

Willow Smith and Tyler Cole

Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith) and Tyler Cole are music’s enfants terribles. Together known as The Anxiety, they are expressing more than angst with their latest Black Lives Matter inspired protest song. The Anxiety translates into song the anomie, rage, and pain of the Black community that has simmered for decades as dreams deferred to the nightmares of racial inequality, exaggerated rates of incarceration, state sanctioned killings of Black men, women, and children in a post-civil rights and post-racial America.

And then the grisly murder of Houstonian George Floyd at the knee of Minneapolis PD officer Derek Chauvin happened.

Captured on an iPhone, we watched as Mr. Floyd begged for his life and called out to his Mama before his life slipped away before our eyes It was the boiling point. The African-American community was jolted awake from their collective fevered dream and all hell broke loose.

As an explosion of marches and riots ensued, Willow and Tyler went into the studio and quickly emerged with THE protest anthem of this generation, “The System”. It is a rallying cry. A visceral ode to this Black Lives Matter moment. A flash-point that has fueled demonstrations throughout the country and the world. The video for the song compiled of newsreel is equally as forceful. Check it!!!

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